Successful Trader: No Deposit Bonus!

Successful Trader: No Deposit Bonus!

A couple of weeks back we introduced to you one of our successful traders who had earned the impressive $2500 in just two weeks.

This week we bring you another statement, one that is impressive for a different reason. Our user here managed to claim the No Deposit Bonus successfully and withdraw the profit earned on it. We hope that this would be helpful to those of you who are having trouble interpreting the No Deposit Bonus in the Cabinet.

summary 2

If you explore the uploaded statement, you will notice several things:

  1. The client successfully claimed a No Deposit Bonus which amounted to $25.
  2. The client made several trades, amassing a profit of $20.09.
  3. To withdraw the profit over the NDB, the policy specifies it must be greater than 20% of the bonus. 20% of $25 is $5. The profit of 20.09 is certainly more than 5 dollars, therefore it is withdrawable.
  4. The client chose to withdraw $15.
  5. Upon the successful withdrawal the bonus is cancelled.

Congratulations to all of our clients who have turned their bonuses into profit! Keep trading and you might become our next trader in the spotlight!

P.S. The name and account number have been removed from this statement in order to respect the trader’s privacy.



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